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About Pingoo Splash

Located in the central region of the Antarctic, Pingoo, the prominent penguin protagonist, endeavours to traverse from one iceberg to another in a treacherous journey. At the onset of each round, a multiplier initiates its ascent and the player must promptly "Cash Out" before the orca whale successfully seizes Pingoo in a solitary gulp. The game is accessible in both desktop and mobile iterations.

Game Rules

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  • The win multiplier starts at 1x and increments as Pingoo slides off the slope.

  • The calculation of your winnings is determined by multiplying the multiplier at which you performed a Cash Out by your initial bet.

  • Prior to the commencement of each round, our Provably Fair random number generator determines the multiplier. To assess the integrity of this generation, simply click on the Provably Fair Icon located across from the outcome in the History tab.

Game Functions

Bet & Cash Out

  • To place a bet, choose a specific amount and then click on the "Bet" button.

  • To place two bets at the same time, simply utilise an additional betting panel. To include an additional betting panel, simply tap the plus icon situated at the upper right corner of the initial betting panel.

  • To retrieve your winnings, simply press the "Cash Out" button. The amount you win is determined by multiplying your bet by the Cash Out multiplier.

  • If you did not cash out prior to Pingoo being seized, your bet will be considered lost.

Auto Play & Auto Cash Out

  • The Auto Play feature can be activated by pressing the "Auto Play" button located in the "Auto" tab of the Bet Panel.

  • Within the Auto Play Panel, the option labeled "Stop if cash decreases by" will halt the Auto Play feature if the balance is reduced by the specified amount.

  • Within the Auto Play Panel, the option labeled "Stop if cash increases by" halts the Auto Play function when the balance has increased by the specified amount.

  • The "Stop if single win exceeds" option in the Auto Play Panel halts the Auto Play feature when a single win surpasses the specified amount.

  • The Auto Cash Out feature can be accessed by navigating to the "Auto" tab on the Bet panel. After activation, your bet will be automatically cashed out when it reaches the multiplier entered

Live Bets & Statistics

  • The Live Bets panel is situated on the left side of the game interface, or beneath the Bet Panel on mobile devices. Displayed here are all the wagers currently placed in the ongoing round.The "My Bets" panel displays all of your wagers and provides information regarding Cash Out options.

  • The game statistics can be found in the "Top" panel. You have the option to navigate through wins based on their monetary value or the Cash Out multiplier, allowing you to identify the highest round multipliers.

Free Bets

  • To determine the status of Free Bets, navigate to the Game Menu and select Free Bets. Generally, it is the operator that grants Free Bets.


  • The multiplier for each round is determined by a "Provably Fair" algorithm, ensuring complete transparency and absolute fairness. Explore further information regarding the provably fair system.

  • To access and adjust the Provably Fair settings, navigate to the Game menu and select Provably Fair settings.

  • To verify the fairness of each round, simply click on the Provably Fair icon located next to the results in either the "My Bets" or "Top" tabs.

Return to Player

  • The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 97%. On average, out of every 100 rounds, there are 3 rounds that result in an immediate crash at the start of the round.

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@ 2024 Trifecta Gaming. All rights reserved.

@ 2024 Trifecta Gaming. All rights reserved.