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Middle age

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About Plague 1346

The plot of Plague 1346 takes place in a medieval setting in a remote french village. While the theme is dark and a reminder of one of the world’s worst pandemics, the varied thrilling moments of suspense especially the main feature behind the Mystery Symbol and the Expanding Wild Multiplier make the game simple yet exciting. This is a highly volatile game and win frequency is low but once a good round is hit, the game is very generous.

Game rules

Base Game Plague 1346 is a 40 pay line slot game on a 4x5 reel.

3,4,5 of the same symbols anywhere on a pay line from left to right constitute a win.

The wild symbol substitutes any other symbol for a win on a pay line (except the bonus symbol). If a Wild Symbol is revealed by the Mystery Symbol, it expands to the full height of the reel.

If the expanded Wild Symbol renders a win on a pay line, it remains sticky and the other reels are re spun. If a win is generated using the expanded wild, it remains sticky and a Multiplier is initiated and increases by an increment of ‘1’ every time a consecutive win is generated (e.g. x2, x3, x4 etc.). When no more wins are generated from the Expanded Wild, the round ends.

The Mystery Symbol may also reveal any other symbol including the Bonus Symbol.

When a player hits 3 bonus symbols in the base game, 6 Free Spins are awarded. If 4 Bonus Symbols appear, 9 Free Spins are awarded.

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game consists of a Free Spins round and an additional 3 other Stages that can multiply the winnings. The Free Spins round is played in the same way as the Base Game however the Expanding Wild increments with a x2 Multiplier every time it generates a win on a pay line. Similar to the Base Game, the Expanded Wild remains sticky up until no further wins have been generated. If consecutive wins are achieved during the same round, the multiplier escalates by x2 then x4 then x6 etc.

If a single Bonus Symbol appears during the Bonus Round, an additional Free Spin is added. If 2 Bonus Symbols appear, 3 Free Spins are added, if 3 Bonus symbols appear, 5 free spins are added and if 4 Bonus symbols appear, an additional 9 Free Spins are added.

The Free Spins Bonus Round ends when all Free Spins have been exhausted. The end of the Free Spins Bonus Round then triggers a next phase where the player needs to make a selection between two options. A plague patient appears lying on an operating table. The Plague Doctor stands besides the patient . The player is required to make a choice between cutting the left arm or the right arm for bloodletting. If the arm selected by the player is the right choice, the player enters a second stage where the current winnings of the Free Spins Bonus Round can be multiplied. The chance of going through is a 50/50 chance. If the wrong arm is selected, the stage ends but the player retains the current winnings. The right choice triggers the next stage. 5 rats lurk around in an underground corridor leading to a door. The Plague doctor is in the foreground. An instruction on screen prompts the player to make a selection of one of the rats. If the right rat is selected (containing a multiplier greater than or equal to x2), the player is guaranteed to go to the next stage. Upon selection, the other rats flee and the selected rat gets stepped on by the plague doctor. If the wrong rat is selected, the rats attack the plague doctor and the stage ends but the player retains the current winnings.

If the player successfully makes the next stage, the Plague doctor walks down the corridor, and opens the door. The scene opens to an exterior shot of dead plague victims piled up on top of one another. Tattered buildings partially in flames are seen in the distance. In the foreground, the plague doctor stands besides 4 bodies on the floor. At this point, the player needs to select one of the bodies. The wrong choice will end the stage and the player retains the current winnings. The flames build up and burn everything including the plague doctor. The right choice will reward the player with a generous multiplier and the pile of bodies flame up. Winning modal pops up with final win amount. A Buy Feature will also be available at 100x bet amount.

Target Specifications

  • Type: Video Slot

  • Reel: 4 rows x 5 columns

  • Variance: Med/High (5)

  • Hit Frequency: 20%

  • Target RTP: 93% & 96%

  • Minimum Bet: €0.20

  • Max Bet: €10

  • Max Win: 10,000 X

  • Betways: 40

    Free Spins

  • 6 FS (With every 3 Bonus Symbols)

  • 9 FS (With every 4 Bonus Symbols)


  • Mobile: Vertical Only (9:16 + variants)

  • Desktop: Landscape only (16:9)

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