The Creation of Trifecta Gaming Ltd.



There is a new face on the iGaming market that we are very pleased to introduce you to:

Trifecta Gaming Ltd., a game supplier composed of a team of talented individuals with a dedication to providing online casino games that our players will both adore and come back to again and again.

Back in December of 2023, harbouring a desire to provide players with the ultimate gaming experience, a group of industry veterans decided to launch a new gaming provider on the market.

Following this, Trifecta Gaming Ltd. was established, aspiring to provide high-quality digital entertainment to the world’s most reputable online casino operators.

Despite our recent induction into the world of game development, the professionals behind Trifecta Gaming Ltd. have decades of experience in the industry.

In light of this, we are fully equipped with the necessary tools to produce high-quality games that will provide an immersive and exceptionally thrilling gaming experience for our players.

The meticulous art style, high-quality graphics, and innovative features that have become synonymous with Trifecta Gaming’s online casino games make us very excited to show you what else we have planned for your next gaming adventure.

What Trifecta Gaming Ltd. can bring to the table 

Having made our debut last December, Trifecta Gaming Ltd. is an emerging software provider of premium gaming solutions.

The talented team behind Trifecta Gaming Ltd. take pride in providing our players with high-quality games that will transport them to the innovative gaming world that we have meticulously crafted.

As a game supplier, we are certainly one of the more recent introductions to the iGaming market, but our latest foray into the world of slot machine games has not proven to be a disadvantage.

We can attest to the fact that this is largely thanks to the exciting themes, detailed art style, and high-paying bonuses that we have integrated into our gameplays.

The immersive qualities of our games do not fail to rope the player in further, attesting to our persistence at crafting intriguing worlds for our players to dive headfirst into.

Join us on this thrilling gaming experience, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled to discover what else we have in store!

Plague 1346: A new slot game release

Equally as captivating as it is disturbing, those who dare to play this game will recognize that Plague 1346 is a video slot with a large potential for generous wins.

Lovers of the macabre will find this game to be exceptionally thrilling, delivering a suspenseful tale that will transport you to a medieval setting in the heart of a remote village in France.

This 40 payline slot is composed of 4 rows and 5 columns. It is a hihly volatile game, with an RTP that falls between 93 and 96%. Despite its low win frequency, once a good round is hit, the game can be very generous.

We invite you to test your luck at Plague 1346, a thrillingly suspenseful slot machine that will persuade you to submit yourself to the plague doctor’s hand.

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@ 2024 Trifecta Gaming. All rights reserved.

@ 2024 Trifecta Gaming. All rights reserved.

@ 2024 Trifecta Gaming. All rights reserved.