Trifecta Gaming Ltd. applies for the MGA License



Trifecta Gaming Ltd., a software provider that has recently emerged on the market, has initiated the process of applying for the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) License.  

This application process was first set in motion in January of 2024

The team of talented individuals behind Trifecta Gaming Ltd. are relentless in their search for excellence, and thus it is only expected that we would look towards the MGA, one of the most reputable gaming authorities in the world, to obtain our software provider license.  

Obtaining such a reputable supplier license would have drastically positive outcomes, ensuring that the online casino games developed by Trifecta Gaming Ltd. are confirmed to be both safe and completely fair

In this way, we can continue doing what we do best: Providing our players with thrilling casino game releases filled with exceptional themes, high-quality graphics, and deeply immersive features.

The necessity to obtain a reputable gaming license 

Here at Trifecta Gaming Ltd., we saw the necessity to obtain a game supplier license with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), a license that would enable us to become a fully licensed and regulated game supplier

One of our main priorities is to ensure the utmost security of our players. Obtaining the MGA gaming license would provide the peace of mind that many online casino players crave, thus confirming that the games that they choose to play are completely fair

Successfully obtaining such a license would be a great honour for Trifecta Gaming, guaranteeing both the safety and security of the players who choose us as the software provider for their future gaming experiences. 

An online casino player must always choose to play online casino games that have been developed by regulated, and therefore fully trustworthy, entities. 

The MGA License ensures that those software providers who are in possession of such a license are deemed to be both reputable and compliant.

The outcomes of obtaining the MGA License 

The outcomes of successfully obtaining the MGA License would be drastically positive.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) License is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious licenses that one could attain.

Operators and game providers who are looking to obtain a gaming license with the MGA must undergo a very rigorous application process.

In the case that this license is approved, the operator or provider must be able to maintain this license by undergoing regular inspections carried out by the regulating gaming authority in question.

For this reason, and because this particular process is so strict, players can rest assured that operators and game suppliers who are in possession of the MGA License are a thoroughly reliable and trustworthy source for all their various gaming needs. 

As a player, you can be at ease in the knowledge that your personal information is safe in our hands, and that the online casino games that you choose to play with us are completely fair.

About Trifecta Gaming Ltd.

Trifecta Gaming Ltd. is a game supplier composed of a team of talented individuals with a dedication to providing online casino games that our players will both adore and come back to again and again

Back in December of 2023, harbouring a desire to provide players with the ultimate gaming experience, a group of industry veterans decided to launch a new gaming provider on the market. 

Following this, Trifecta Gaming Ltd. was established, aspiring to provide high-quality digital entertainment to the world’s most reputable online casino operators. 

The meticulous art style, high-quality graphics, and innovative features that have become synonymous with Trifecta Gaming’s online casino games make us very excited to show you what else we have in store. 

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@ 2024 Trifecta Gaming. All rights reserved.

@ 2024 Trifecta Gaming. All rights reserved.

@ 2024 Trifecta Gaming. All rights reserved.